Business analysis and performance improvement

Business analysis and performance improvement

TMP provides a range of specialist financial and business analysis services to enable you to effectively measure, monitor and improve your financial performance. Our business and financial analysts provide full analytical support to help you to sustain growth and add measurable long-term value to your company or organisation

Our team is available to support you on an ad-hoc or continuing basis, to meet your individual requirements. We provide detailed expert advice and support through every stage of the process, from implementing our recommendations to measuring the results.

Maximising shareholder value

We understand how important it is for companies to consistently – and measurably – increase value for investors and shareholders. To meet this need we have developed an innovative service specifically designed to help you optimise your financial performance and enhance the intrinsic value of your company. Our specialised service concentrates on three areas which can have profound impact on your financial results:

  • business planning
  • financial analysis
  • performance monitoring

Maximising Shareholder Value

Business planning

Our analysts will work with you to develop a robust, practical plan to help your business achieve its potential. We will take the time to understand your objectives and environment in detail, so we can help you to set KPIs that are relevant, challenging and achievable.

TMP will also help you set up or improve your existing planning systems and procedures so that you can adapt rapidly to changes in your market and take full advantage of business opportunities as they arise.

Financial analysis

To make the best possible management and financial decisions about your business you need accurate, reliable and timely information about:

  • your performance
  • your customers
  • your competitors

Our analysts will help you set up a sound analytical and reporting framework, so you can continuously and effectively monitor your performance against your KPIs and performance targets.

We will also help you to set up a comprehensive, efficient market intelligence gathering system to monitor the behaviour of your customers and competition, so you can respond swiftly and effectively to changes in your external environment.

Performance monitoring

Using our systematic and proven techniques, we will examine your business in detail, identifying opportunities to:

  • more effectively manage your operating and capital costs
  • improve the quality of your revenues

We will also help you to identify and source the most appropriate, cost-effective financing mix for your business.

Performance improvement

An investment in our financial performance services will deliver measurable ongoing benefits to your business, as our work in identifying, evaluating and optimising your value drivers will yield both one-off and annually-accruing bottom line savings.

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Latest news:

Appointed as financial consultant to 500kV Power Transmission Project in Laos

TMP Consulting was engaged by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in May 2013 to provide financial advice for a shared 500 kV export-driven Power Transmission Facility in Nabong, Laos. TMP  was engaged to develop an equitable commercially viable cost sharing arrangement that will enable various hydropower plants to concurrently use the facility to export power to Thailand. The proposed […] Read More >

TMP Consulting on Australian Government’s Clean Energy Advice Panel from 2012-2015

TMP Consulting has been appointed to the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Advice Panel that provides expert independent advice for financial and commercial, economic and technical and engineering areas of proposed clean energy projects. The appointment is for a period of 3 years from 2012-2015. TMP’s role is to undertake financial and commercial assessments of clean […] Read More >

Infrastructure Financial Specialist for Urban Transport Projects in Indonesia

TMP Consulting provided specialist financial consultancy advice for urban transportation projects in 3 cities in Indonesia during October 2012 – January 2013. The objectives of this consultancy are to further explore the possible Public and Private financing options for urban transport investments identified through Pre-Feasibility Studies in Palembang, Surakarta and Yogyakarta and to work towards […] Read More >

Appointed Financial Consultant for power distribution project in Myanmar

In July 2013, TMP Consulting was appointed as financial consultant for the rehabilitation and expansion of power distribution networks in Yangon, Mandalay and other key high demand cities in Myanmar. The assignment involved working with the Ministry of Energy and Planning (MOEP), Yangon Electricity Supply Board (YESB) and Electricity Supply Enterprise (ESE) in Myanmar. TMP […] Read More >


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