The TMP process

The TMP process

We build financial models which are robust, accurate and individually designed to meet your specific needs. We follow six steps in our modelling process:

Financial Modelling1. Objectives: We will work with you to define and examine your requirements in detail, to make sure that we completely understand the purpose of the model, why you need it and how it will be used.

2. Specifications: We will identify the parameters of your financial model and make sure it is exactly right before we proceed to the next step:

  • where the input data will come from and how it will be collected
  • which assumptions will be used and how these will be verified
  • what features the model will have and what form the output will take
3. Model Development: We will build your customised model in sections from scratch or by incorporating some of our proven templates in order to meet your specific requirements. We will keep in touch throughout development so you can monitor our progress and will be familiar with your model’s functions and features.
4. Tests & Reviews: We will put your model through rigorous testing to ensure there are no errors or weaknesses. An analyst who has not been involved in the development will test the model’s functionality, accuracy and robustness under a wide variety of scenarios and assumptions. We will only deliver the model once we are entirely satisfied that it is error-free.
5. Documentation: We will document every part of the process as we design and build your model, including any amendments we make during the testing phase. This maintains a complete audit trail of our work as well as providing valuable information for you on how your model works.
6. Delivery: Once the design, testing and documentation phases are complete we will deliver your model, together with a brief manual on how to use the model. We will help you to install and integrate it, and if required we can train your staff on how to use it and provide you with ongoing support.

Latest news:

Appointed as financial consultant to 500kV Power Transmission Project in Laos

TMP Consulting was engaged by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in May 2013 to provide financial advice for a shared 500 kV export-driven Power Transmission Facility in Nabong, Laos. TMP  was engaged to develop an equitable commercially viable cost sharing arrangement that will enable various hydropower plants to concurrently use the facility to export power to Thailand. The proposed […] Read More >

TMP Consulting on Australian Government’s Clean Energy Advice Panel from 2012-2015

TMP Consulting has been appointed to the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Advice Panel that provides expert independent advice for financial and commercial, economic and technical and engineering areas of proposed clean energy projects. The appointment is for a period of 3 years from 2012-2015. TMP’s role is to undertake financial and commercial assessments of clean […] Read More >

Infrastructure Financial Specialist for Urban Transport Projects in Indonesia

TMP Consulting provided specialist financial consultancy advice for urban transportation projects in 3 cities in Indonesia during October 2012 – January 2013. The objectives of this consultancy are to further explore the possible Public and Private financing options for urban transport investments identified through Pre-Feasibility Studies in Palembang, Surakarta and Yogyakarta and to work towards […] Read More >

Appointed Financial Consultant for power distribution project in Myanmar

In July 2013, TMP Consulting was appointed as financial consultant for the rehabilitation and expansion of power distribution networks in Yangon, Mandalay and other key high demand cities in Myanmar. The assignment involved working with the Ministry of Energy and Planning (MOEP), Yangon Electricity Supply Board (YESB) and Electricity Supply Enterprise (ESE) in Myanmar. TMP […] Read More >


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